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Become a RED Account Customer

Account Customer Benefits

Enjoy the benefits of being a very important RED Express every-day customer.
Here’s why:

  • Friendly staff to handle all your queries regarding deliveries, schedules and times, orders and pickups with quick and easy access to information.
  • Conscientious and hard working drivers that take care of your pickups and deliveries to your customers and radio controlled for quick responses.
  • Parcel tracking and security of your product is handled by our computer bar-coded labels and scanning procedures.

If you would like to become an account customer, please call RED Accounts on 08 8346 3937 or alternatively you can use our online client registration form. See below for details.

Are you ready to become a client?

Click the button below to be redirected to our online Client Registration form.

Client Registration

Prepaid Stickers


Get up to  50% OFF standard rates for  RED’s Parcel Express simply by using  Pre-Paid Stickers*. Your RED Express Stickers can be used anytime for your items to go anywhere in South Australia.

Find out how you can save $'s and make your life a whole lot easier with our stickers.

To obtain RED Express Pre-Paid Stickers Call RED on (08) 8346 3937 for full details.*Some terms and conditions apply.

Parcel Checklist

Ensure your parcel has a good trip! What follows are the best practices to make sure your parcels are delivered safely and undamaged.

  • All items must correctly addressed to the delivery point and be ready for collection, when the driver calls.
  • The sender’s name must also be clearly shown so that any queries can be quickly referred to you for clarification.
  • Deliveries are made from the information on the package – so make sure it is correct.
  • When using second hand cartons, please ensure that all previous addresses and stickers have been blocked out.
  • A parcel is considered to be an item weighing up to 20kg or 0.080 cubic meters or part thereof.
  • Parcels in consignment must be clearly numbered i.e. 1/1 or 1/3, 2/3 and 3/3 etc.
  • We are not common carriers; please refer to our Standard Trading Conditions.
  • Goods In-Transit Insurance is the responsibility of the sender.
  • All goods sent for delivery to another freight company must be clearly marked with the name of the freight company and all copies of the relative consignment notes must be in with the goods. The sender’s copy of the consignment note is signed by the freight company and returned to you with your statement of account. The return copy is your proof of delivery.
  • The outer packaging should always be as neutral as possible to avoid the risk of theft. Do not use the original box if the item you are sending is valuable.
  • Do not add information about the content or the value of it.
  • Make sure no other data is on the parcel, like old labels, a previous destination address, etc. This will only strongly increase the risk that your parcel arrives somewhere it shouldn’t

Your parcel is now ready to go – and because it’s going with RED, it’s certain to have a good trip.

Click HERE to view RED’s Conditions of Carriage.

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